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Academic Advising – We provide comprehensive academic advising both one-on-one and additionally for freshman through participation in an athlete-specific UNIV 101 fall course taught by an Athletic Academic Advisor. For those student-athletes who are undecided, an Athletic Academic Advisor can guide students toward several degree programs applicable to their goals and career aspirations.

Weekly Academic Meetings – All freshman, new transfer student-athletes, and those who are academically at risk meet weekly for their academic meetings with their respective Athletic Academic Advisor. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss classes, grades, pending assignments, tutoring, travel, and other pertinent information to the academic success of our student-athletes. This time is also used for syllabi collection and review, creating an assignment calendar for the semester and developing a learning contract with the student-athlete that focuses on personal and academic SMART goals for the semester. If additional support is needed, an Academic Success Coach is assigned.

Academic Success Coaches (ASC) – Are graduate students who work primarily with student-athletes identified as having academically related needs. Assigned student-athletes are required to meet with their ASC for 30 minutes to an hour (time varies with demonstrated need) for weekly academic coaching sessions. ASC’s are available to assist student-athletes with writing, reading, time management skills, organizational skills, note-taking skills, stress management, and test preparation. The overall goal is to implement a routine to assist in developing student accountability and ultimately guide the student-athlete into becoming a self-regulated learner. ASC’s meet and discuss the progress of their assigned student-athletes and tutoring suggestions with the Athletic Academic Advisor.

Norville Tutoring Services – Tutoring services is located on the second floor of Norville Center for Intercollegiate Athletics. All student-athletes have access to free tutorial services provided by qualified undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of subject areas through our campus partner the Tutoring Center. Also, tutors may facilitate review sessions,  small group sessions focused on exam prep as well as providing additional help with composing study guides. Our office works closely with the Tutoring Center in submitting and managing tutor requests. One-on-one tutoring is available on a case by case bases; if needed, contact your Athletic Academic Advisor for assistance.

Study Hall – Study Hall is mandatory. Hours are monitored by our study hall monitors and are sport specific. Study hall empowers students to take ownership of their academic responsibilities and to provide the impetus needed to “build-in” study time into their schedule. Study Hall helps to establish a studying routine for student-athletes as well as signify the importance of having delineated time for academics outside the classroom.