CEO and Founder, Upkey

When he was 17, Amir Badr fled Iran and came to the United States where he worked as a server in a restaurant, earned degrees from the University of Illinois and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business before leading diversity and inclusion efforts at a Fortune 500. Spending several years leading HR initiatives Amir became well-versed in the corporate landscape and gained insight into the underlying issues challenging talent assessment and hiring. Upkey is a product of Amir's personal and professional journey. The digital learning platform provides engaging modules and tools to help strengthen students' transition into the professional world. Amir's goal for Upkey was to create equal opportunities and empower underrepresented students with the necessary tools and knowledge to become successful in their career paths. Upkey has been named one of LinkedIn's top 50 startups and Amir has recently been included on Forbes Next 1000.