Pathways for Extraordinary Lives

Pathways for Extraordinary Lives

Past Event Description

A special dinner and discussion that explored pathways for extraordinary lives between Loyola students and members of Loyola’s Council of Regents.

The gathering opened with remarks from Regents who are leading impactful careers in business, communications, and community development and then was followed by small group discussions where students and Regents reflect together on gaining the skills, knowledge, and values to live extraordinary lives.

The gathering was hosted by Loyola’s Council of Regents, in collaboration with the Baumhart Center.


  John Atkinson
EVP and Managing Director
Willis Towers Watson 
  Tarrah Cooper
Rise Strategy Group 
  Smita Shah
President and CEO

Past Event Details

Date Tuesday, April 9
6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Location Lewis Towers
Regents Hall
111 E. Pearson St., Chicago