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Halas Rec Center

Campus Recreation 

The Department of Campus Recreation strives to provide a diverse selection of quality recreational activities for individuals to pursue fitness, wellness, and leisure opportunities which enhance their personal development and establish habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Halas Recreation Center

The newly renovated Halas Recreation Center is located next to the Damen Student Center and is a part of Student Complex

1. Only close-top water bottles are allowed.
2. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and weapons are prohibited in the facility. Individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to vacate the premises and may face further disciplinary action.
3. Due to danger to other patrons and potential damage to the building, some unorganized and/or unsupervised activities are prohibited. Examples include but are not limited to soccer, baseball, roller hockey, lacrosse, rugby and football. The equipment associated with these activities is prohibited in these spaces.
4. Illegal entry, including a non-member using a member’s ID to access the building, is punishable by immediate removal from the building, Campus Recreation and OSCCR sanctions, suspension, and/or possible criminal charges.
5. Halas Recreation Center is a family friendly environment. Please keep language appropriate.
6. Campus Recreation retains the right to record your participation and/or appearance in any Campus Recreation programming and informal recreation on video tape, audio tape, film, photograph or any other medium and to use such recordings in all mediums, including but not limited to, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, radio, television, the World Wide Web, other news and educational media, and all means of communication now and in the future. Absolutely no recording will be allowed in Locker Rooms. If you would like to record in a Campus Recreation facility or program, you must contact Kathryn Thies, Program Coordinator for Aquatics and Facilities, at least 48 hours in advance. Before recording you must gain permission from any individual appearing in the foreground of your recording.
7. With the exception of certified Service Animals, animals are not allowed in the Halas Recreation Center, on the Sean Earl Field and Track, or at Hoyne Field.
8. No wheeled recreational vehicles of any kind (skateboards, bikes, scooters, roller skates, hover boards, etc.) are allowed in the Halas Recreation Center.
9. Halas Recreation Center facilities may not be used for private instruction or to provide services not approved in writing by the Department of Campus Recreation. This includes but is not limited to outside Personal Trainers and Swimming Instructors.
10. Loyola University Chicago Student Complex is not responsible for items lost in and around Student Complex facilities. Items that are not claimed within two weeks (10 business days) will be turned over to the Campus Safety office and/or donated to local charities. For IDs, emails will be sent to the owner.
11. Members are responsible for the equipment checked out during the duration of their visit, and they must return the individual item that was checked out with their Loyola University Chicago ID. Failure to return the checked out equipment in the same condition in which it was received will result in replacement fees being assessed.
12. All patrons are encouraged to secure their own possessions by using available daily use or rental lockers. In the event of theft, Halas Recreation staff members will file an incident report and contact Campus Safety.

1. Shirts and athletic (closed-toed) footwear must be worn at all times. Five-Finger shoes (and all other brands) are only allowed on cardio equipment. Only full athletic shoes (basketball, cross trainers, or running shoes) are allowed on the selectorized equipment and free weight area. No bare chests or midriff regions are allowed in the fitness spaces. This is for safety and sanitary reasons
2. Athletic apparel must be worn. Jeans and/or denim are not allowed.No pants with zippers, buttons, or hardware that can damage the upholstery  allowed in the fitness spaces. The staff reserves the right to determine if clothing meets facility guidelines.
3. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the weight area or cardio spaces regardless of supervision.
4. Spotters are recommended at each station. Weight Room Supervisors are not allowed to spot members but can assist in helping you find a person to spot.
5. Olympic style lifts (snatches, jerks, thrusters and their variations are not allowed.) Overhead presses are allowed only if feet remain completely on the ground.
6. All bags, jackets and other personal belongings need to be stored in a locker or placed in a cubby. No bags, coats, or personal items are allowed on the weight room floor or on the cardio room floor.
7. For safety and sanitary reasons, it is recommended that towels be used in both the weight and cardio areas. Equipment should be wiped with a towel after each use. Please use a towel and disinfectant spray that is provided.
8. Collars are to be used on all weight bars.
9. Exercise equipment should not be used without proper instructions from qualified personnel.
10. Members are encouraged to allow other members to work into a rotation during multiple sets and/or rest periods.
11. Dropping and/or banging of the weights is not allowed.
12. All weights should be re-racked and put away after use.
13. Please be respectful of all members. Profanity, excessively loud language, and grunting are not allowed.
14.Only Campus Recreation Personal Training Staff are allowed to offer personal training. Members violating this policy will be asked to leave.
15.Patrons are not allowed to take photographs or videos while in Halas Recreation Center.
16. Campus Recreation staff has authority over facility conduct, use of equipment, and dress code policies.  Failure to comply may result in suspension of facility privileges and/or removal from facility.
17. All cardio equipment is on a first come first serve basis. During heavy use times, please limit use to 30 minutes. You can not reserve, save, or hold machines for others.
18. Please report any problems with equipment to the Weight Room Supervisor on duty.

1. Only non-marking athletic foot wear is allowed.
2. No bags, jackets or other personal belongings are allowed on the Dance Room floor.
3. It is strongly recommended that participants do not wear outside shoes on the floor.
4. Some classes maybe limited in class size due to room restrictions. Group Exercise instructors have the final say on class size.
5. Group Exercise equipment is not to be used outside of group exercise classes.
6. The Lower Level Dance Room will be available for reservations during specified times.

1. No items are to be stored inside the curtain area on the courts. Items need to be placed in lockers or on the hooks on the outer walls.
2. Dunking is allowed, but do not hang on the rims.
3. Badminton is on a reservation system. Reservations should be made 24 hours in advance.
4. Baseballs, footballs, frisbees, lacrosse balls and rugby balls must be thrown inside the curtain areas and is up to the discretion of the manager on duty based on safety issues.
5. In-line skating is not allowed in the facility.
6. All courts, with the exception of badminton, are on a first come first serve basis.
7. Individuals who wish to set up volleyball nets need to contact the Building Manager on Duty to ensure that it will not affect scheduled activities or other informal recreational users.

1. Only non-marking athletic foot wear is allowed.
2. Racquetball racquets should have a safety bumper and wrist straps.
3. Eyewear is strongly recommended.
4. The racquetball court is on a reservation system that can be utilized at the Front Desk. The court is open for anyone, but participants with reservations take priority of the court.

1. Cell phone and camera usage is not permitted in the locker rooms.
2. An All Gender Locker Room is available, located on the main level of the Halas Recreation Center, down the hallway toward the pool.
3. Children 5 years of age or older are not permitted in the opposite sex locker room.  Families are encouraged to use the All Gender Locker Room. 
3. Two All Gender Restrooms are available, located on the main level, near the All Gender Locker Room, down the hallway toward the pool.
4. Sauna guidelines:

     a. Due to extreme temperatures, it is recommended that you consult your physician before use.
     b. Allow at least 30 minutes of cool down after exercising.
     c. A shower must be taken before entering.
     d. Recommended use time is a maximum of 20 minutes.
     e. Do not throw water on the rocks.
     f. No food or drink allowed.
     g. Children under 14 years of age are not permitted.

Halas Pool

The Halas Pool is an 8 lane, 25 yard pool that reaches 7 feet deep and will allow for both lap swim and space for free swim.  Kickboards, pull-buoys, and aqua jogging belts are provided for members’ use.  The Halas Pool can be accessed through the locker rooms or the hallway by the Family Changing Room. 

WTC Fitness Center

Located on the third floor of the Terry Student Center, the WTC Fitness Center features the latest cardio equipment (including 4 bike, 4 ellipticals and 4 treadmills, each with interactive workout screens), as well as locker room and shower facilities.

Ramble Outdoors

Ramble Outdoors serves the Loyola University Chicago community by providing integrated educational experiences designed to foster the student promise of care for self, care for others, and care for the environment. Using the outdoors as classrooms, students participate in challenging and intentional, group-based activities that provide space for reflection and leadership development.

With the Halas Recreation Center Addition, Campus Recreation is pleased to announce a variety of additional spaces and classes.  All spaces are now available. 


  • Dedicated Weight Room
    On the lower level of Halas Recreation Center will be a dedicated weight room with a variety of free weights, plate loaded machines and the best selectorized equipment in the industry.
  • Functional Training Studio
    Functional training uses your body weight to improve agility, strength, and movement.  This allows you to train for sport specific events or challenge your body in each work-out.
  • Group Fitness Studio - HRC1
    This group fitness studio will host a variety of classes as well as be available for student groups to rent for one hour per week.  No student groups or individuals will be allowed to utilize the studios without a reservation.


Enter the Halas Recreation Center addition via the upper level through the glass doors on the basketball courts. 

  • Dedicated Cardio Floor
    The Halas Addition will host high ceilings and a variety of cardio equipment.  The space is complete with 28 treadmills, 24 cross-trainers, 2 water-rowers, 2 concept-II rowers, 2 Power Mills, 4 Adaptive Motion Trainers, 4 arc-trainers, 6 upright bikes, 4 recumbent bikes, 3 group exercise/spin bikes, 1 upperbody ergometer, 2 stair masters, and 2 incline treadmills.
  • Dedicated Stretching and Core Strengthening Area
    This space will allow participants to stretch and do abdominal/core work in a dedicated area.
  • Spin Studio
    Overlook the west quad and the beautiful Loyola Campus as you enjoy a spin class.  The spin studio has 20 bikes and hosts multiple daily classes.
  • Group Fitness Studio - HRC2
    The upper level group fitness studio offers a large space for group fitness class, small group training sessions, and other campus recreation programs.  This space overlooks the west quad with floor to ceiling windows.

Questions?  Call 773-508-2602 or email campusrec@luc.edu