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Sustainability Track Requirements

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A minor in the urban studies sustainability track requires 18 credits after prerequisites are met. Requirements are as follows:

  • One Urban Theory Course (3 Hours)
  • One Research Methods Course (3 Hours)
  • One Course from the Group A Electives: Sustainability and the Social World (3 Hours)
  • One Course from the Group B Electives: Sustainability and the Physical World (3 Hours)
  • Two Capstone Courses (6 Hours)

Prerequisites: Students should have completed their two Core Scientific Literacy courses, including the Foundational Core Scientific Literacy course, which is environmentally based. Information about the CAS core science requirements can be found here.

Double Dipping Policy

Urban Studies follows the College policy for Double Dipping: Not less than 8 credit hours in the individual student’s transcript must be unique to each minor; that is, the courses in question are considered as actually fulfilling requirements of one minor, not of more than one minor or major.

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Course Requirements

Urban Theory

Choose one from the following:

  • ECON 320: Urban Economics
  • HIST 386: Creation the American Metropolis
  • PLSC 334: Urban Policies and Problems
  • PLSC 390: Urban Politics
  • SOCL 234: City, Suburbs & Beyond

Research Methods

Choose one from the following:

  • ANTH 317: Qualitative Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology
  • CJC 205: Research Methods
  • COMM 365: Naturalistic Methods of Communication Research
  • COMM 366: Observing/Measuring Communication Behavior
  • COMM 367: Rhetorical Criticism
  • PSYC 306: Research Methods in Psychology
  • SOCL 206: Principles of Social Research
  • SOWK 390: Research and Evaluation in Social Work Practice

Group A: Sustainability and the Social World*

Choose one from the following: 

  • ANTH 104: The Human Ecological Footprint
  • COMM 306: Environmental Advocacy
  • COMM 371: Special Topics in Communications Studies**
  • PLSC 392: Environmental Politics
  • SOCL 265: Globalization and Society
  • SOCL 272: Environmental Sociology
  • SOCL 275: Sociology of Consumption
  • SOCL 276: Sociology & Politics of Food
  • SOCL 280: Topics in Contemporary Sociology**
  • SOWK 361: Special Topics in Social Work**
*Other elective courses may be added on a semester by semester basis.  Please confer with department if questions.
**Variable topics course that may be approved by the Program Director of the Urban Studies Interdisciplinary Program.

Group B: Sustainability and the Physical World*

Choose one from the following:

  • ENVS 207: Plants and Civilization
  • ENVS 213: Earth Science- the Changing Planet
  • ENVS 214: Earth Science: Weather-Climatology
  • ENVS 218: Biodiversity & Biogeography
  • ENVS 223: Soil Ecology
  • ENVS 224: Climate & Climate Change
  • ENVS 281: Human Impact on Environment
  • ENVS 282: The Human Environment
  • ENVS 283: Environmental Sustainability
  • ENVS 380: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • UNIV 410: Geographic Info Systems***
*Other elective courses may be added on a semester by semester 
***Open to seniors (subject to approval by instructor)

Capstone Courses

Courses taken concurrently.

  • SOCL 335/PLSC 335: Urban Semester Seminar
  • URB 397/PLSC 397: Urban Studies Research