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Center for Urban Research and Learning


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The Center opened in January, 1996, with a $1.5 million grant and endowment from the McCormick Tribune Foundation. In 2000, the Foundation awarded a $2.5 million challenge grant to guarantee that CURL will be a permanent part of Loyola's research, education, and linkage with Chicago communities. The University has raised the matching endowment support. CURL now has about a $7 million endowment which is used to support faculty, student, and community fellowships along with other general research activities.  CURL is one of the most vibrant collaborative research centers in the U.S.

In addition to this core support, CURL routinely receives grants and contracts from foundations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to support community-based research. As a vital part of Loyola University Chicago, the Center accesses the vast resources of this major urban university, nationally recognized for its centuries-old Jesuit tradition of excellence in scholarship and commitment to service.

CURL Partners

Partnerships are at the heart of collaborative research. For CURL, partnerships are formed with and among participants from the community and university.

Foundations and Agencies Funding CURL

Philanthropic and government funders are essential to the success of CURL and its mission. Since its establishment, CURL has received financial support for collaborative research projects from the following foundations, corporations, and government agencies.