Loyola University Chicago

Emergency Response Plan

Civil Disorder and Demonstrations


  1. All demonstrations must have prior approval from the Office of the Dean of Students, and a DEMONSTRATION NOTIFICATION must be on file with the Department of Public Safety.
  2. Demonstrations conducted by persons who are not students or members of the University Community or otherwise authorized by the University to conduct the particular activity shall be considered a trespassory act.
  3. The Dean of Students, in consultation with University officials, will determine the point at which the activities have become disruptive and emergency actions initiated.

Emergency Actions:

  1. The Dean of Students will notify the demonstrators that their actions are disruptive and that they should cease and desist their activities.  The demonstrators will also be notified of consequences if the disruption continues.
  2. The Director of Public Safety will request the assistance of civil authorities as needed.
  3. The Dean of Students and Department of Public Safety will make efforts to secure positive identification of demonstrators.
  4. The Department of Public Safety will take pictures or contact a photographer as needed for documentation / identification.

NOTE:  Demonstrations are governed by the Demonstrations and Fixed Exhibits policy, which is found in the Community Standards