Loyola University Chicago

Emergency Response Plan

Severe Weather/Tornado

Should threatening weather conditions develop:

Turn on one of the weather alert radio or television stations listed below:

Call LettersRadioTelevision
WBBM 780 AM Channel 2
WMAQ 670 AM Channel 5
WLS 890 AM Channel 7
WGN 720 AM Channel 2
WLUW 88.7 FM  

If the weather service issues a severe weather or tornado warning for the Chicagoland area, alert employees and students in your immediate area.

Tornado Watch: Means conditions are favorable for the development of tornados.
Tornado Warning: Means a tornado has been sighted in the area.
  1. Close all doors; stay away from windows.
  2. Move students/employees to a lower level hallway or basement.
  3. If available, take a battery powered radio and flashlight with you.
  4. Remain in the sheltered area until an all clear is given.
  5. If the phones are working, call Loyola's emergency communications hotline at 773.508.2545 to confirm the status of operations during the severe weather warning.

Best Area for shelters:

  1. Basement
  2. Inside walls on opposite side of corridor from which storm is approaching.
  3. Restrooms without windows
  4. Interior hallway on lowest or ground floor (no windows and doors secured at either end).

Areas to Avoid:

  1. Lobbies.
  2. Walkways.
  3. Atriums.
  4. Rooms with large roof spans, such as gymnasiums, and auditoriums.
  5. End rooms in one-story buildings.
  6. Rooms with large glass area.
  7. Hallways that could become "wind tunnels."

When outside in the open:

  1. Move at right angles away from the tornado.
  2. Attempt to reach a shelter, such as a building basement.
  3. If there is no time to escape or find shelter, lie flat in a ditch or depression.

Call 4-4911 to report any damage or injuries resulting from severe weather.