Loyola University Chicago

Emergency Response Plan


When an emergency affecting the University reaches proportions that cannot be handled by routine measures, the following groups will be called into service to direct, control and support the emergency operations of the University.

  • The Emergency Response Team, made up of a group of senior administrators and directors, are responsible for assessing the emergency and organizing personnel, equipment, and supplies to respond immediately to the problem. The team is lead by the Senior Vice President for University Administration or his/her designee (incident commander) who reports to the President. (See Tab 2 for members of the team. Membership will vary based on emergency.)
  • The Emergency Policy Team, made up of provost and vice presidents, are responsible for planning and prioritizing the long term recovery of the University following a disaster or major emergency. This group is headed by the Senior Vice President for University Administration and reports directly to the President. (See Tab 3 for members of the group.)
  • The Senior Vice President for University Administration will make the decision whether or not the Emergency Response Team should be activated. He/she will notify the President's Office of the decision. The President's Office will notify the Provost and other Vice Presidents and activate the Emergency Policy Group when required.
  • When the Senior Vice President for University Administration decides not to activate the Emergency Response Team, the parties affected will respond to the emergency using existing policies and procedures.
  • Emergencies depending on their nature, may affect (direct or indirect) the Rome Center campus. The Rome Center Notification Roster has a list of contacts to be made when appropriate. (See Tab 4 for members of the group.)
  • Emergencies at the International Programs are communicated to the Administration via an established procedure.
    See Rome Center Emergencies.