Loyola University Chicago

Emergency Response Plan

Medical Emergency

In the event of an injury or other medical emergency:

  1. Call 4-4911 (using an on-campus phone) or go to the nearest yellow emergency phone and push the "on" button (it will ring directly into the Public Safety Telecommunications Office).
    1. Identify your location: building name or number, office or room number.
    2. Describe the situation:
      • what has happened;
      • type(s) of injuries.
    3. Give your name and phone number.
  2. Obtain or provide immediate on-site first aid.
  3. Alert other employees/students that an emergency is occurring.

Public Safety—Dispatch an Officer to the emergency location. At Mallinckrodt call Wilmette Police/Fire Department:

  1. Call Student Health and/or Chicago Fire Department paramedics.
  2. Assist in traffic/crowd control for movement of the victim(s).
  3. Notify appropriate University officials as outlined in the basic plan.