Loyola University Chicago

Emergency Response Plan

Bomb Threat

When a bomb threat is received by phone:

  • Keep the caller on the line and talking as long as possible (pretend to have difficulty in hearing—ask the caller to repeat what he/she said).
  • Try to get as much information as possible about the location of the bomb and a description of the bomb and the caller.
    Use the bomb threat checklist (see Bomb Threat Checklist below) to record all information.
  • Stay on the line as long as the caller continues to provide useful information. If possible, have someone else use another line to call Campus Safety at 4-4911.
  • After the caller hangs up, immediately call 4-4911 and notify Campus Safety.
  • If an evacuation of the building is ordered take the bomb threat checklist with you and give it to Campus Safety.

When a suspicious package or item is found:

  • If you find an item you suspect is a bomb, do not touch, move, or disturb it.
  • Call 4-4911 immediately, then notify your supervisor.
  • Keep people away from the area until help arrives.

Campus Safety:

  • Dispatch all available Campus Safety Security Officers and Facilities staff to the scene.
  • Notify Chicago Police.
  • Notify appropriate University officials as outlined in the basic plan.
  • Conduct search and/or evacuation procedures.

Bomb Threat Check List

Use this form to record all information if you receive a bomb threat call.