Loyola University Chicago

Emergency Response Plan

Priority Objectives

The Emergency Resource Team will concentrate its efforts on Priority I objectives until these objectives are substantially met. Priority II and III objectives will be addressed as resources become available.

Priority I

  • Life Safety Evacuation—evaluate the need to evacuate people from hazardous or high risk areas to safe zones.
  • Medical Aid—evaluate medical services available and advise rescue forces regarding location of treatment facilities for injured.
  • Fire Suppression—evaluate fires or fire hazards and use resources to control and evacuate.
  • Search and Rescue—appoint search and rescue teams and initiate rescue operations as required.
  • Communication Network—establish a communication network using available staff, materials, and equipment.
  • Utilities Survey—evaluate condition of utilities (gas, electric, steam, water, sewer) and shut down or restore as able.
  • Hazardous Substance Control—survey critical areas and secure or clean up as needed (i.e., biological and chemical).
  • Spiritual Assistance—provide emergency sacramental and spiritual assistance to those seriously injured.

Priority II

  • Food and Drinking Water—identify supplies on hand and establish a distribution system for food and water.
  • Shelter—identify usable structures to house resident students and/or community victims.
  • Facility—evaluate facilities (i.e., buildings, classrooms) for occupancy or use. Identify and seal off condemned areas.
  • Information—establish a communications system with the campus community and advise everyone regarding availability of services.
  • Animal Control—provide controls and containment for all experimental animals on campus.
  • Criminal Activity Control—establish a police/security system to protect property and control criminal activity.
  • Psychological Assistance—establish a system to assist persons in coping with the crisis.
  • Transportation—organize transportation for shelter relocation.

Priority III

  • Valuable Materials Survey—identify and secure valuable materials (i.e., art work, historical books) on campus.
  • Records Survey—identify and secure all Loyola University records.
  • Academic Survey—determine requirements to continue academic operations.
  • Supplies and Equipment—develop a system to renew flow of supplies and equipment.