Loyola University Chicago

Emergency Response Plan

Media and Internal Communications

1. General

  1. Whenever news media personnel are discovered on Campus, Media Relations should be immediately contacted by calling 5-6158. When media personnel are found on Campus after normal business hours notify Public Safety by calling 8-6039.

  2. In times of emergencies, Media Relations officials are the only University spokespersons authorized to speak with the news media. During an emergency, all news media personnel should be directed to the appropriate Media Center location.

2. University Spokesperson: During an emergency, Media Relations will designate one person who will interact with news media as the University's official spokesperson in the dissemination of all official information.

  1. Media Relations will establish a formal briefing schedule to provide the news media with regular information updates throughout the emergency period.
  2. Other University personnel contacted by the news media may express their personal opinions but are not authorized to represent the University's official position or discuss specific facts related to an emergency situation. University personnel are not obligated to speak to the news media and should refer requests for comments to Public Relations.

3. Approval of Official Information - All information (statements, news releases, remarks, etc.) related to an emergency situation must be reviewed and approved by the Vice President of University Marketing and Communication and University officials designated by the Senior Vice President for Administration before being released to the news media.

4. Internal CommunicationsUniversity Marketing and Communication will keep University personnel apprised of developments on an ongoing basis.