Loyola University Chicago

Emergency Response Plan

Natural Disasters

Blizzards, floods, and extreme high winds are potential threats for the Lakeside Campuses.

Emergency Actions:

  • Blizzards.
    1. Monitor approaching winter storm conditions - freezing rain, sleet, heavy snow, wind-chill conditions.
    2. Ensure that employees and students are aware of cold weather safety rules and understand University Policy for operating and closing under adverse weather conditions.
  • Floods.
    1. If heavy rains, be aware of flash flooding. If you see any possibility of flooding occurring, move immediately to a safer location and call 4-4911 to report the flooding location.
    2. Monitor reports on flood conditions. If advised to evacuate:
      1. lock doors and windows;
      2. secure the building;
      3. calmly leave immediately.
  • Extreme High Winds.
    1. Indoors - stay away from glass doors and windows whenever possible.
    2. Outdoors - stay away from construction areas, if possible. Be alert for flying objects. Move indoors as quickly as possible. Call 4-4911 to report locations of flying debris.
  • University Closing.
    1. It is the intent of the University to operate according to normal schedules whenever possible and to cancel classes or close offices only when it is extremely difficult for students and employees to commute.
    2. In the event that weather or other Acts of God render conditions so serious as to necessitate closing University offices and canceling classes, the following radio and television stations will be notified:

      WGN 720 AM CHANNEL 9
      WBBM 780 AM CHANNEL 2
      WMAQ 670 AM CHANNEL 5
      WLS 890 AM CHANNEL 7
      WLUW 88.7 FM  
    3. Regardless of the reason for the University closing, some employees will be expected to report to work. If conditions are so severe that employees cannot travel or report to work, on duty staff will be required to stay and work overtime.

  • Earthquake.
    1. If inside: Stay where you are, get under a desk or table, stand in a doorway or corner of a room away from glass. Do not use the elevators.

    2. If outside: Get to an open area away from buildings, power lines or trees. If driving, step away from overpasses and power lines. Remain in your vehicle.