Loyola University Chicago

English Language Learning Program

Loyola’s ESL program


  • When enrolled as a full-time student for the full Fall or Spring Semester (16 weeks) at Loyola, you are given a CTA U-Pass that remains active as long as you continue full-time enrollment in your classes. During times when the CTA U-Pass is not active or you are not enrolled as a full-time student for a full-semester, you may use a Ventra Card and add money to the card in order to use Chicago Public Transportation. Like the U-Pass, the Ventra Card can be used with all CTA buses and trains. Ventra Cards can be purchased at most CTA train stations, and online at http://ventrachicago.com.
  • For more information about your CTA U-Pass, visit https://www.luc.edu/upass/index/shtml.