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We help families navigate family and business

Working Together

We're here for the future of your family and your business.

What We Do

Families in business are often isolated, keeping news of the family and the business to themselves in order to protect both. Our programs provide opportunities to break through that isolation. We are a community of middle market sized, multigenerational family businesses who strive to build new skills and learn together. We work with the whole family, both inside and outside the business.

Our programs, coaching, and education focus on:

  • Developing family and business leaders
  • Governance of the family and the business
  • Strategic planning for the family and the business
  • Generational transfer of ownership and management
  • Sustainability of the family
  • The free and safe exchange of ideas, practices, and processes

Our Community

Why Membership

Why Membership

"The membership community proves to be a good sounding board for me and others."

Bob Buddig
CEO, Carl Buddig and Company


Last updated 3 mins ago

Educating Shareholders

Educating Shareholders

"The education continues with our next generations, and is critical for our success."

Fred Sasser
Chairman, Sasser Family Holdings


Last updated 3 mins ago

Preparing Next Gen Leaders

Preparing Next Gen Leaders

"NGLI was transformational, genuine, and empowering"

Brian Richmond
Family Member, Dawn Food Products


Last updated 3 mins ago

Peer Groups

Peer Groups

"The center has been our partner, giving us a gentle push when we needed to move forward..."

Gigi Cohen
Executive Vice President, Magid


Last updated 3 mins ago

Why Loyola supports family businesses

A growing body of evidence shows that companies’ purpose and performance are inextricably linked.


family businesses in the United States


private sector workforce from family businesses


private sector GDP from family businesses

Source: Pieper, Kellerman and Astrachan. Research funded by Family Enterprise USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for membership?

Members must meet at least three of the following criteria:

  • 50 years in business
  • Multiple generations working in or owning the business
  • $10M or more in annual sales revenue
  • 50 or more employees
  • Desire to maintain ownership for the next generation

Why Loyola?

  • We work with the willing – family businesses who have a desire to learn from others, who share our belief in the of the essential importance of sustaining family businesses for the stability of the US economy, and the communities they work in and support.
  • We believe in sharing what works – and that peer learning in confidential forums is best. Going it alone might be faster – but going together is the way to support long term learning and positive change.
  • We have been supporting families in business since the early 1990’s and continue to share best practices as they evolve.

How much is membership and what is included?

Please visit out membership overview.