The Loyola Family Business Center offers a "life stage curriculum" that provides best processes and applied practices for the whole family business.

Stewardship Institute

The Stewardship Institute ensures that all of your stakeholders understand the impact of family and business overlap, and minimizes your business legacy risk. The program provides family members peer support as they explore ways to responsibly guide the business, regardless of whether they work in the business, married into the family, or eventually will run the business. The curriculum covers 6 important topics: relationships, governance, leadership, strategy, finance, and transitions. Multiple family members can enroll in tandem. In-person meetings occur quarterly (2 days, back-to-back) over an 18-month period for a total of 6 meetings.

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Next Gen Leadership Institute

The Next Generation Leadership Institute prepares family business members for their unique leadership roles in the family and/or the business. This is done through assessments, cohort-based learning, one-on-one coaching, and learning from live case examples and subject matter experts. Participants graduate from the program with a deep understanding of their strengths, new leadership tools to serve both the family and the business, and a peer community to support and elevate their learning on an ongoing basis. In-person meetings take place once a month for 18 months. Only one family member can enroll at a time. 

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Legacy Institute

The Legacy Institute is designed for family members who are contemplating retirement in the next 3-7 years. Participants explore their vision of retirement and the path to get there. Participants also gain clarity on nex-gen messaging, address personal questions of how to transition from production to generativity to legacy, learn how to build a meaningful and satisfying next phase of life, and discuss how to concretely enact their succession plan and what governance structures need to be in place or amended to serve the transition. Only one family member can engage at a time.

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Peer Groups

Ongoing peer groups provide a forum for family business members to share common experiences and solutions to business, family, and governance challenges. Group members benefit from incredibly honest feedback from peers who understand the unique challenges and privileges of being in a family business.

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