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Family business support

Being part of a family business can be isolating. Peer groups bring together a small group of fellow family business members to share common experiences and solutions to business, family, and governance challenges.

Family business peer groups are moderated by professional facilitators from the Center. These confidential groups often become one's personal board of advisors, offering support and peer-to-peer learning. Check out our peer group confidentiality pledge.

If you'd like to join a peer group, simply fill out the form at the link below and someone from our staff will contact you.

We accept peer group submissions throughout the year.

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How are family business peer groups structured?

Groups are made up of 8-10 people. Participants are assigned to a group based on their life stage and role within their business and/or family. Family members and competitors are never grouped together.

Groups meet an average of 6 times each year for approximately 4-6 hours. Meeting dates, times, and locations are agreed upon by group members. Each group is responsible for defining their own learning goals and purpose.

What's expected of group members?

Members commit to a minimum of two years participation. They participate in the co-creation of content (topics, ideas, concepts, etc.); remain open, honest and willing to share; and hold themselves accountable to one another.

What's the role of a peer group facilitator?

Each peer group is moderated by a professionally trained and certified facilitator whose primary role is to build unity and cohesiveness in the group. They also secure guest speakers, coordinate logistics, and administer an annual assessment survey. Facilitators meet one-to-one with each group member twice a year to discuss group experiences.

How is the Family Business Center involved?

The Center is responsible for overseeing and compensating the peer group facilitator; providing resources to group members such as reading materials, subject matter expert referrals, and best processes; and providing administrative and structural support as needed.

Questions about Family Business Peer Groups?

To learn more about our peer groups, contact us at 312.915.6490 or fbc@luc.edu. You can also download an info sheet about our family business peer group program.