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Back-to-School Workshop Series (2023-2024 Academic Year) 

The 2023-24 Back to School Series has concluded. Please see below for session recordings and resources.

1. Designing (or Revising) Your Syllabus 

With LUC faculty member, Dr. Noah Butler, and FCIP staff member, Dr. Jessica Mansbach

Description: A review in best practices in syllabus design including an examination of what components to include in a syllabus and how to make your syllabus inclusive. Faculty will share components of their syllabi for peer review. This session will be helpful regardless of what stage of development your syllabus is in. 


2. Strategies for Building Community and Student Engagement in the Classroom 

With LUC faculty members, Dr. Felipe Legaretta and Alyson Paige Warren and FCIP staff member, Dr. Bridget Colacchio

Description: Strategies to set the stage for a semester of learning by getting to know your students, setting classroom norms and expectations, and other considerations for the first week of class will be discussed. 

3. Innovation & Creativity in Assignment Design  

With LUC faculty member, Dr. Dana K. Harmon, and FCIP staff member, Justin D. Wright

Description: A collaborative workshop to explore the creative ways we might innovate our assignments and evaluate assessments. We consider the possibilities of creativity and innovation, from your specific locus of agency and area of engagement, in opposition to more standard and often oppressive traditional modes of the institution writ large. Come ready to learn and skill-share creative strategies with your colleagues! 

4. Wellness Tools for Instructors   

With FCIP staff member, Justin D. Wright

Description: An opportunity to explore wellness as it relates to teaching and learning. Join us to discuss and practice ways to enhance well-being of your students and yourself. 

Teaching and Learning Workshops are open to faculty, staff, and graduate students.

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