Loyola University Chicago

Financial Services

Personal Purchase Reimbursement Instructions

The Personal Purchase Reimbursement Form is to be submitted with the reimbursement method (Personal Check or Payroll Deduction).
1. Enter the employee’s full name, UVID # and today’s date.
2. Enter the Transaction ID number associated with each item. For any transaction completed prior to the current ProCard billing cycle, the transaction ID can be located via the Business Intelligence Portal under the reference column. For transactions that are on the current ProCard billing cycle, please leave this column blank.

3. Enter the transaction date and posting date for each item.

4. Enter the vendor name as it appears in VISA Spend Clarity.

5. Enter the six-digit accounting unit (example 100999) and four-digit account code (example 6830) that the transaction was paid from. This should be identical to the information assigned to the transaction in VISA Spend Clarity.

6. Enter the full amount of each transaction in the Amount column. The total amount is automatically calculated in the ‘Amount due to the University’ box.

7. Under the Reason column, provide a brief explanation for the personal ProCard charge. For example, “ProCard used in error when booking personal Uber ride”

8. Select the method of reimbursement by clicking either Payroll Deduction or Personal Check.

9. Once the form is complete, please enter a digital or electronic signature in employee signature line and today’s date. Completed forms should be sent to the ProCard Administrator at ProCard-Admin@luc.edu.
10. If reimbursing by personal check, please enclose a copy of this form and send it with the check to the university lockbox:
Loyola University Chicago
P. O. Box 777323
Chicago, IL 60677-9056

Please note: ProCards are University property, even though issued to an individual, and should not be used to make personal purchases. Non-compliance with University policies and procedures or blatant misuse of the ProCard will result in suspension of ProCard privileges and, in some cases, may result in disciplinary action including termination.

Please direct any questions or form issues to ProCard-Admin@luc.edu.