Loyola University Chicago

Financial Services

New AU Request Form Instructions

The New AU Request Form form should be used to establish a new posting accounting unit for General Accounting.  A detailed list of the AU types that can be established with this form is listed in item #1 below.  To establish Grant, Gift, or Research AUs please use the New AU Request - SPA form.
* Indicates a required field

  1. Select the Accounting Unit Type *

    Definitions of each type of Accounting Unit type can be found by clicking on the AU Type Info button on the form. This form should be used for:

    Agency AU - 198XXX
    Budgeting AU - 199XXX
    Carryforward AU - 67XXXX
    Operating AU - 1XXXXX
    Service Agreement AU
    - 106XXX

  2. Provide the name of the Person Responsible for managing the Accounting Unit *

  3. Proposed Description: This field is limited to 30 Characters *

  4. Select a Division from the dropdown menu *

  5. Active departments will automatically update based on the selected division. Select the appropriate Department from the list.  *

    If you need a new department, please select “New Department (provide details in the box below)” from the list and indicate the new department name and reason in the detailed description box provided. 

  6. Include a detailed description of the proposed Accounting Unit and the expected Revenues and Expenses. *

  7. Choose the Transaction Types to be used in association with the new AU. Check all that apply.

    FA Scholarships/Grants: Select this if the Accounting Unit will have a scholarship or grant credit paid out or posted to a student’s account.
    Dept Receipts (Deposits at Bursar's office):  Select this if AU will be used to make check/cash deposits that are not related to student accounts.
    Student Charges (Tuition/Fees): Select this if, AU will be used to bill students for tuition/fees through Peoplesoft, requires approval.
    N/A: None of the above. Select this, if no other option applies.
  8. For Service Agreements only, enter the additional information listed below:

    AU Start Date and End Date should be found in the documentation for the service agreement.
    Foreign Entity – Is the company based outside of the United States?
    Billing Code – Are scheduled payments required or is it a fixed price contract to be paid in a lump sum?
    Billing Frequency – How often will Loyola bill for the service agreement?  Select Quarterly, Semi-annually, or upon service completion from the list.

  9. Type in the requester’s name, budget administrator and the date *

  10. Click on the grey button to send the PDF file as an attachment to FinancialSystems@luc.edu.