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Lawson Requisition Center vs Electronic Payment Requisition Application

What is the difference between the Lawson Requisition Center (RQC) and the Electronic Payment Request Application?

  • The Lawson Requisition Center is an online application used to create purchase requisitions (purchase orders) that are routed to the Purchasing department. Additional access is required to establish users as Requesters or Approvers. To request new access to this, a System Access Request Form(Instructions) should be submitted to FinancialSystems@luc.edu.
  • The Electronic Payment Requisition Application is used to route invoice payment requests for approval and submission to Accounts Payable electronically. All staff, faculty, and student workers are eligible to submit payment requests. Please note that only those with the appropriate signature authority may approve payment requests.

Who can approve orders in these systems?

  • Lawson Requisition Center - An Approver should have Signature Authority and be authorized to approve purchases for the AUs on their own profile as well as the AUs on the profiles of the requesters that they approve.  Each Approver record should have a secondary Approver for purchases over $5,000 to comply with the policy for Approving requests over $5k.

  • Electronic Payment Requisition Application – Approvals should be routed to users that have appropriate Signature Authority for the accounting units listed on the form. When a payment requisition has been routed to you for Primary or Secondary approval, you will receive an email notification from Payables@luc.edu.  Secondary approvers are required for invoices over $5k. 

Who should I contact about using these systems?

Where can I find user guides for the systems?