Loyola University Chicago

Financial Services

EFT Authorization For LUC to LUC Bank Account Instructions



The LUC Treasurer’s Office will make the final decision as to the necessity of all electronic payments.


1. Type or print all information legibly.

2. To request or change the set-up of a repetitive LUC to LUC EFT, (Form LUtoLU.1) should be submitted two weeks prior to the first desired transaction date. To delete a repetitive LUC to LUC EFT set-up, this form should be filled out as soon as possible.

3. All sections of the form should be completed before forwarding to the LUC Treasurer’s Office.  The signature of the Requestor is necessary for the approval of the LUC Treasurer’s Office.

4. After the approval of the LUC Treasurer’s Office, they will arrange for set-up, change, renewal or deletion with the bank. Repetitive LUC to LUC EFT authorizations will be valid for a period of two years.