Loyola University Chicago

Financial Services

Non-Repetitive Wire Transfer Instructions



The Non-Repetitive Electronic Funds Transfer Request (Form EFT02B) is required to process payments by wire transfer instead of an ACH payment or a check through Accounts Payable due to one of more of the following reasons:
  • Payment is being made to a foreign bank account
  • Legal or contractual requirements
Cash Management Services (CMS) will make the final decision as to the necessity of a wire transfer.


  • Complete all sections of current Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – Non-Repetitive Wire Transfer Form (Form EFT02B).  
  • If the beneficiary is a new vendor or if there is not a Vendor Number on file at LUC, a W-9/W-8 is required. Please see additional instructions on the Electronic W-9/W-8 Submission page. 
  • Attach invoice or supporting documentation for the payment amount requested.
  • Include Page 2 of Form EFT02B with all banking information completed by the beneficiary. Please see below for list of required banking information.
  • If the request is in excess of $5,000, a secondary budget administrator approval is required.
  • If any documentation or banking information is missing, the request will be rejected and returned to the department.


  • Page 2 of Form EFT02B must be completed by the beneficiary and included with the EFT form. Cash Management Services (CMS) does not keep or use banking information on file. The following banking information is required for all payments:
    • Beneficiary Name on Bank Account
    • Beneficiary Full Address (including Country and Postal Code)
    • Beneficiary Account Number (Full IBAN Number if applicable)
    • Beneficiary Bank Name
    • Beneficiary Bank Address
    • Beneficiary Bank SWIFT Code (Foreign Accounts) or ABA Routing Number (US)*
    • Beneficiary Bank Sort or Clearing Code (if applicable)
    • Intermediary Bank account information (if applicable)
    • Attention or further credit (if applicable)

      * For ABA Routing Number (US):  Confirm with vendor the routing number provided is for wire transfer payments (not ACH payments).


  • Email all required documentation to CMS (Cashmgmt@luc.edu) in a single PDF file.
    • Combined PDF files, individual files, and/or other formats will not be accepted, as they cannot be processed through our system. 
    • The EFT form and documentation should not be sent to Accounts Payable, General Accounting, or Sponsored Program Accounting (SPA)
  • Once Cash Management has reviewed the request and determined that it has all necessary documentation, it will be routed for departmental approvals to pay.
  • Please allow a minimum of one week for the EFT request to go through the standard approval process. Additional time is needed if the payment is being charged to a SPA AU or if a W-9/W-8 is needed.
  • If payment is required by a specific date due to a contractual requirement, please note that in your email to CMS.
  • CMS has no control over the timeline for departments to review and approve requests.