Loyola University Chicago

Financial Services

Purchase Requisition Instructions

Form Purpose: 

It is recommended that departments utilize a Purchase Requisition with the guidance of the Purchasing Department whenever possible.  Purchase requisitions and purchase orders provide for better control, tracking, and approval of university expenditures. Please refer to the Requisition Guidelines webpage for more information.
Form instructions:

  1. Complete Vendor Information – Including Name, address, telephone number, and fax number.
  2. Enter the six digit Accounting Unit (for example 100812) and the four digit Account (for example 6100) to be charged. 
  3. Complete your contact information in the spaces provided – Including Department Name, delivery building address/room number for the order and your telephone phone number.  
  4. In the body of the Requisition, please include as much information about the products/services you are ordering – Quantity, Unit of measure, catalog number (if known) a description and the Unit Price.  The total for each line is automatically calculated as is the Subtotal.  The Grand Total is automatically calculated. 
  5. Please include any special instructions or quote information in the Requisitioner Comments Box below the Product Description field.  E-mail a copy of all quotes associated with the order to Purchasing with the Requisition. Please note, that if the Requisition is for animals, biohazardous materials, or radioactive materials, the appropriate
  6. Loyola Safety Officer must initial the requisition in the box provided.
  7. The Budget Administrator must approve the order before it is electronically sent to Purchasing.  To obtain Budget Administrator approval, select the “To Budget Administrator” box on the Purchase Requisition.  If the order will be in excess of $5000, a Secondary Approver is required.  To obtain the required Secondary Approver, select the “To: Secondary Approver” box on the Purchase Requisition.
  8. If Grant Funds will be used to make the purchase, Sponsored Program Accounting must receive and approve the purchase requisition before Purchasing can complete the order. Select the “To Sponsored Programs” box to send the requisition to SPA for approval.  Purchasing will forward any purchase requisitions without proper approval to Sponsored Program Accounting. 
  9. When the appropriate approvals are obtained, select the “To Purchasing” box to forward the requisition to Purchasing for order placement.
  10. When Purchasing receives the approved Purchase Requisition, the Purchase Order will be processed and the order placed with the supplier. The Requestor will receive an Order Confirmation regarding the status of the requisition.