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Minor in Art History

The Art History minor is often added as a secondary focus of study in order to complement or enhance a student's major or chosen career path. Students may also choose to add the minor in order to pursue an area of interest without the responsibility of a major.

While the major is a comprehensive course of study, the minor in Art History is intended to provide a breadth of knowledge. Art history minors develop a base-level understanding of the field, from the arts of the ancient world to contemporary art.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of human creativity and the role of the visual arts as a mode of visual communication in a global context
  • Employ the elements of visual language and artistic terminology to critically analyze and interpret objects of art, architecture, and visual culture
  • Demonstrate general knowledge and understanding of Western and non-Western art traditions across historical periods in terms of major monuments, artists, ideas, formal expression, themes, techniques, iconography, and functions of art in relation to their cultural, social, religious, and historical contexts

A total of 18 credit hours are required for the minor in Art History.

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