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Minor in Art History

The Art History minor is often added as a secondary focus of study in order to complement or enhance a student's major or chosen career path. Students may also choose to add the minor in order to pursue an area of interest without the responsibility of a major.

While the major is a comprehensive course of study, the minor in Art History is intended to provide a breadth of knowledge. Art history minors develop a base-level understanding of the field, from the arts of the ancient world to contemporary art.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of human creativity and the role of the visual arts as a mode of visual communication in a global context
  • Employ the elements of visual language and artistic terminology to critically analyze and interpret objects of art, architecture, and visual culture
  • Demonstrate general knowledge and understanding of Western and non-Western art traditions across historical periods in terms of major monuments, artists, ideas, formal expression, themes, techniques, iconography, and functions of art in relation to their cultural, social, religious, and historical contexts

A total of 18 credit hours are required for the minor in Art History.

Foundation Courses (18)
Course Number
FNAR 200
Art History: Prehistoric to Renaissance
FNAR 201
Art History: Renaissance to Modern
FNAR 202
Modern Art
Choose one of the following:
Course Number Title Credits
FNAR 305 American Art to 1945 3
FNAR 306 Contemporary Art 3
FNAR 338/MSTU 380/ROST 338  Medieval Art  3
 FNAR 344/ROST 344 Early Italian Renaissance Art  3
 FNAR 345/ROST 345 Italian High Renaissance and Mannerist Art  3
 FNAR 343/ROST 343 Baroque Art  3
 FNAR 360/WSGS 360 Picturing Women in Renaissance & Baroque Art  3
 FNAR 304 Paris in the Nineteenth Century  3
 FNAR 349/CATH 349 Art and the Catholic Tradition  3
Choose one of the following:
Course Number Title Credits
FNAR 351/ANTH 344 Pre-Colombian Art of Middle & South America 3
FNAR 355/ANTH 345/AASP 355 Art of Africa 3
FNAR 357/GIST 396/ASIA 357 South Asian Visual Culture 3
FNAR 358/ASIA 358/GIST 358 Chinese Art and Culture 3
FNAR 359/ASIA 359/GIST 329 Japanese Art and Culture 3
FNAR 352/IWS 352 Islamic Art History 3
Choose one additional course from either of the two categories above, or from the courses listed below:
Course Number Title Credits
FNAR 203 Chicago: Face of a City 3
FNAR 207/WOST 207 Women, Art, and Society 3
FNAR 251/BWS 251 African American Art 3
FNAR 336/CLST 206 Introduction to Greek Art 3
FNAR 337/ROST 307 Introduction to Etruscan and Roman Art 3
FNAR 342/ROST 342 Art in Rome (Rome Center only) 3
FNAR 365 History of Photography 3
FNAR 367 History of Architecture 3
FNAR 394 Topics in Art History 3
FNAR 390 Seminar in Art and Ideas 3