Loyola University Chicago

Fine Arts

Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Minor in Studio Art

The Studio Art minor is often added as a secondary focus of study in order to compliment or enhance a student's major or chosen career path. Students may also choose to add the minor in order to pursue an area of interest without the responsibility of a major.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Apply a range of materials, processes and techniques within their chosen concentration as a primary form of artistic expression
  • Analyze interpret and comprehend the elements that constitute a work of art (visual, functional, psychological, and social)
  • Engage in self-directed problem solving analysis and critical thinking, and take creative and intellectual risks in the production of original artwork
  • Employ scholarly and visual research in developing concepts, principles, and theories that underlie their artistic intentions, and effectively communicate them orally and in written form

A total of 18 credits are required for the Studio Art minor.

Foundation Courses (3)
Course Number Title Credits
FNAR 110 or FNAR 113 Foundations of Visual Art or Drawing I 3
History Courses (3)
Course Number Title Credits
 FNAR --- Art History Choice 3
Applied Courses (12)
Course Number Title Credits
Choose any combination of the following, totaling 12 credits: 
FNAR 110 Foundations of Visual Art 3
FNAR 113 Drawing I 3
FNAR 114 Painting I 3
FNAR 115 Foundations of Photography 3
FNAR 118 Printmaking I 3
FNAR 120 Ceramics: Handbuilding 3
FNAR 121 Ceramics: Wheelthrowing 3
FNAR 123 Metalwork & Jewelry I 3
FNAR 124 Sculpture Foundations 3
FNAR 132 Visual Communication I 3
FNAR 213 Drawing II 3
FNAR 214 Painting II 3
FNAR 215 Photography: Film and Darkroom 3
FNAR 218 Printmaking II 3
FNAR 219 Photography: Digital Imaging 3
FNAR 222 Sculpture/Ceramics: Form & Function 3
FNAR 224 Sculpture/Ceramics: Multiples 3
FNAR 232 Visual Communication II 3
FNAR 233 Digital Media Design 3