Loyola University Chicago

Interdisciplinary Honors Program


The Honors Freshman Essay Prize 

The winning paper and student will be selected by the faculty members who teach HONR 102. The winning paper will be made available to subsequent Freshmen enrolled in the Freshmen seminar sequence of HONR 101 and 102. 

The Graduating Senior Award 

Chosen by a committee of Honors faculty members, this student’s academic success over the course of the program and their contribution to the Honors community life will be considered.  

The Honors Program Social Justice Award 

This service award will be given to a student at any year of study who has significantly promoted the cause of equality. Through their work, the student embodies the ethical goals of (1) Loyola’s transformative education, and its commitment to “the dignity of every human person” and “the responsibility to care for those who are suffering most in our world”; and (2) the Honors Program’s commitment to a pluralism of voices and perspectives through diversity in historical, geographical, and disciplinary studies. Every Honors student is eligible every year. Students may nominate themselves or their peers. Application requires (1) a letter of reference from an Honors faculty member or project supervisor, who can directly address the significance of the student’s contribution to a social justice initiative, and (2) the student’s own personal statement describing their motivation and the way that their work has been furthered by their studies. 

The Honors Capstone Award 

The winner will be determined by the faculty member(s) teaching the Honors Program Capstone Course, “Moral Responsibility.” This student’s academic work will best demonstrate the power of intellectual reflection to clarify ethical positions and to suggest strategies for intervening in the world’s problems, such as poverty and oppression. 

List of Previous Honors Awards Winners:






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