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Interdisciplinary Honors Program


The Honors Program does not currently offer any scholarships or financial aid, but we try to post university and external scholarships as they are made known to us. Please contact the Director, Prof. Virginia Strain (vstrain@luc.edu), if you have information on scholarships for Honors students.

Internal Scholarships

Ricci Scholars (https://www.luc.edu/ricci/)

The Ricci Scholars Study Abroad Program offers funding to highly qualified students to spend their junior year studying and conducting cross-cultural research at Loyola's John Felice Rome Center. Students prepare their research proposals and apply for this unique scholarship as sophomores, conduct field research and travel as juniors, and complete their projects as seniors.

Undergraduate Scholarships (https://www.luc.edu/finaid/scholarships/undergraduate/)

Scholarships are awarded to academically qualified students without regard to financial need. Scholarship amounts range from $10,000 to $26,000 per year. 

The CAS Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships for Rising Juniors and Seniors

The Office of the Dean of Arts and Science has created an endowment that will permanently fund ten Diversity and Inclusion scholarships of $1,000 each to be awarded every academic year. Two scholarships will be provided in each of the following five broad academic areas of the College of Arts and Sciences, for a total of ten scholarships each year:

  • 1. Computational Sciences and Technology (Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics and Statistics)
  • 2. Fine and Performing Arts (Dance, Fine Arts, Music, and Theatre)
  • 3. Humanities (Classical Studies, English, History, Modern Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, and Theology)
  • 4. Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Physics)
  • 5. Social Sciences (Anthropology, Criminal Justice and Criminology, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology)

Rising Juniors and Seniors from an underprivileged background or under-represented group who are pursuing a major in the College of Arts and Sciences and have a minimum 2.5 overall GPA may apply. Our aim is to celebrate in the broadest way possible the impressive diversity and inclusion efforts of our students. As such, we adopt a broad understanding of underprivileged background and under-represented group, that includes but is not limited to factors related to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and physical disability.

Departmental Scholarships 

Once you are a student at Loyola, you may qualify for scholarships offered by academic departments. These awards are typically offered to students beyond the freshman level, so after you are established in your major, you can begin to make inquiries with your academic department. The number and amount of awards vary by department, as do eligibility criteria. Contact your academic department for more information about scholarship options.

External Scholarships

Fellowship Office Advice on Applying to Nationally Competitive Scholarship Programs


Fulbright Scholarships


The Rhodes Scholarships to Oxford, the Marshall Scholarships to the United Kingdom, and the Mitchell Scholarships to Ireland: https://www.luc.edu/fellowshipoffice/national_awards.shtml)

Truman Scholarships


Major Fellowships and Scholarships