Inside Government is a non-partisan joint student/alumni organization that provides a unique insider perspective on government to those students who have an interest in learning more about federal, state, and municipal government operations. It helps to highlight career and internship opportunities in the public sector, promotes one-on-one mentoring, offers professional and skill development workshops, and connects interested students with Loyola alumni and other officials who are working in government.

One of Loyola University’s core values is educating our students to become leaders devoted to serving the public good. We believe that government public service is one of the highest, noblest paths to a life of service, and we are doing everything we can to promote government service to our students. Inside Government is an extension of this value.

To get a hold of the Executive Board please e-mail

Inside Government's goal is to be a beneficial organization to both the students and alumni. Inside Government does not support or oppose any particular political party.

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