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For our alumni who are engaged in public service, mentoring a student offers a wonderful opportunity to touch a young person’s life. Through the Inside Government Public Service Alumni Mentoring program, mentors have the opportunity to attract students to a life of public service. Helping a student to find an internship or a job in government or politics can set that student on a lifelong journey of helping others through public service.

Alumni mentors also have immediate access to a highly motivated pool of talent, all of whom share an interest in government and politics. Finally, Inside Government’s mentoring programs offers alumni unique opportunities to meet and to network with other Loyola alumni at Inside Government-sponsored events and activities, through which alumni mentors can advance their own careers, too.

As a mentor, there are three main levels of commitment to pick from:

  • 100 Level Mentoring: one to three Connections
  • 200 Level Mentoring: three to six Connections
  • 300 Level Mentoring: six or more Connections

Each Connection represents a single instance of connection between student and alum: one e-mail exchange, one face-to-face meeting, a single phone call, or a single event.

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To sign up to become a mentor, please fill out this survey, found here.