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Student/Mentee Information

Having a mentor can make a tremendous difference in the life and career of a student. A recent Gallup/Purdue University study shows very clearly that mentoring can make a huge impact upon academic success, career success, and a person’s overall sense of well-being.

Alumni mentors can help students prepare for and pursue internship and job opportunities in government and politics. Students will receive valuable advice and counsel from their mentors on how to find that elusive first rung of the career ladder. Through their mentor’s connections, as well as through Inside Government’s network of public sector alumni and elected officials, participating students will be better prepared to identify the best internships and jobs for them, and to make the most of the those opportunities.

As mentioned elsewhere, there will be three levels of mentoring relationships that students will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • 100 Level Mentoring: one to three Connections
  • 200 Level Mentoring: three to six Connections
  • 300 Level Mentoring: six or more Connections

Each Connection represents a single instance of connection between student and alum: one e-mail exchange, one face-to-face meeting, a single phone call, or a single event. For more information on what is to be expected please click here.

Students will be responsible for reaching out and making the connections after the first initial meeting that can be found on the calendar.

If you would like to become a mentee, please fill out a survey by clicking here.