From student to lawyer and beyond, Loyola University Chicago School of Law is committed to the academic success of each student.

Academic success

  • Individually structured tutoring programs
  • Office hours with faculty
  • Practice midterm exams
  • Legal writing programs

Bar Exam success

We offer a specially-designed class -- included in your tuition -- to assist in preparation for your bar exam. And there are additional resources:

We also offer support through:

For Law Students

Bar Resources

  • Academic tutors during your first year
  • Academic Enhancement Programs
  • Pre-orientation and Orientation programs
  • MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam) workshops
  • Multiple bar support courses that students may take for credit.
  • Alumni support for those taking the bar exam through one-on-one and small group programs.
  • Diagnostic bar exam at the end of your first year.