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Sr. Jean Dolores Schmidt, BVM Gallery

Happy 103rd Birthday to Sister Jean! 

Enjoy this slideshow of birthday wishes left by members of the Loyola University Chicago community and a special message from us at LUMA.    

In August 2019, the Sr. Jean Dolores Schmidt, BVM Gallery opened at LUMA to celebrate her 100th birthday and visitors were able to view the “A Century of Sr. Jean” exhibition. As part of last year’s celebrations, hundreds of post-it notes were left in the galleries expressing visitors’ love, gratitude, and appreciation for Sister Jean and all that she has done for Loyola University Chicago and its students. 100 of those post-it notes are included here with one more to wish her a happy 101st birthday! LUMA is pleased to present this photo gallery in honor of Sister Jean and we’re looking forward to another year of her illuminating the spirit of everyone on campus.

Background photo by Natalie Battaglia - Loyola University Chicago