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Be a Witness

March 11 April 27, 2008

In 2006, the Loyola student organization Invisible Conflicts established the Dwan Madiki Partnership (DMP) to empower Ugandan youth. DMP sponsors the education of twenty vulnerable youths whose lives have been torn apart by the civil war between the government and a rebel faction known as the Lord’s Resistance Army. This twenty-two–year conflict has led to forced displacement of over 1.7 million people and to the abduction of over 30,000 children by the rebel forces. The cycle of violence and poverty must be broken before any child can truly succeed. DMP works with these children through modules of self-expression, such as art. The children’s stories transcend any communication barriers and bring recognition to the brutality of this conflict and the ravaging effects on its innocent victims.

Image: Artwork by a Ugandan child of Dwan Madiki Partnership