Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Museum of Art

Benjamin Bergery: Epiphanies

December 4, 2010 – January 16, 2011

This media installation by Paris-based artist Benjamin Bergery, with technology by Jim Campbell, consists of three works. Angel.Mary.Bird uses light rhythms to evoke the Annunciation. Epiphany uses looping low-resolution movies to show the story of the Magi bringing their gifts to honor the baby Jesus. Confession 2 is a silent dialogue between two bare light bulbs that “speak” to each other with varying intensities.

The installation presents a mélange of visual references, including Renaissance frescos and early cinema, with the intent to renew the Renaissance tradition of storytelling using digital textures informed by a cinematic vocabulary and lighting. The ambiguity of low-resolution images and abstracted light patterns is well suited to the religious subject matter, as it encourages interpretation and conveys the mysteries of the gospel.

To learn more about Bergery's work, go to benjaminbergery.com.

Image: Epiphany (detail) by Benjamin Bergery with technology by Jim Campbell