Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Museum of Art


March 28 May 17, 2009

In Ecology.Design.Synergy, select projects illustrated the working methods and completed buildings that Behnisch Architekten and Transsolar Klimaengineering have designed in collaboration. Projects featured in the the exhibition include Norddeutsche Landesbank (Hannover, Germany), Thermal Spa Baths (Bad Aibling, Germany), and the well-known LEED-Platinum Genzyme Center (Cambridge, Massachusetts). Perspective projects like the Cultural District Riverfront Development (Pittsburgh) were also featured.

This exhibition educated and inspired through large-scale graphics, architectural models, photographs, videos, and diagrams in a dynamic and engaging space. Divided into three segments—exposition, development, and recapitulation—the exhibition presented the state of environmental challenge, practical solutions to create responsible places for people to thrive, and the social implications of making necessary changes. Discussions on economics, development, population, politics, biology, standards, materials, and scale were woven into the exhibition, clearly showing the complexity of these synergistic issues.