Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Museum of Art

Tips for Your Visit

We're happy that you are planning to visit LUMA. To help you prepare for your visit please review the policies and other useful information below, which will help ensure your safety, the quality of your visit, and the security of the works of art on display. 

Admission Stickers
Admission stickers, provided with your ticket purchase at the admissions desk, should be visible while you are in the galleries. 

A checkroom is available to store personal items during your visit. 

Suitcases, backpacks, oversize strollers, shopping or other oversize bags, umbrellas, and other large items must be left at the checkroom. 

Accessibility for All Visitors
Most of the spaces and facilities at LUMA are accessible to visitors with limited mobility. 

A wheelchair is available to visitors free of charge. You can request one at the admissions desk. Both manual and electric wheelchairs are allowed throughout the building. 

Working animal companions are allowed throughout the building. 

Restrooms and drinking fountains are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Baby changing stations are available in the women's restroom on the 3rd floor. 

Drawing and Writing
Drawing and writing in the galleries is encouraged but limited to the use of pencils only. Pens and other utensils are not permitted. 

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Front-worn baby carriers and compact strollers are permitted in the galleries. Baby changing stations are located in the women's restroom on the 3rd floor. 

Lost and Found
If you believe you have left something at the museum during your visit, contact our Lost and Found office at 312.915.7630. 

Photography and videography are prohibited in the galleries. Members of the press and teachers must request a photography waiver at the admissions desk. No photographs or videotapes may be reproduced, distributed, or sold without written permission from the Museum. 

Cellular Phones
Cell phone calls are allowed only in the first-floor entrance lobby, the museum shop, and the restrooms. Silent use, such as text messaging, is permitted throughout the building. 

Food and Drink
No food or drink (including water) is permitted in the galleries.