Loyola University Chicago

Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution

Division of Student Development

Check your Conduct Record

Maxient is Loyola's online case management system for the student conduct and conflict resolution processes. Sensitive messages, including allegation letters, meeting requests, and decision letters will be sent via Maxient. This system is used to protect students' privacy and allow students access to information pertaining to their conduct record.

Student conduct records are maintained in the OSCCR for seven years from the date of the incident, with the exception of cases resulting in University expulsion (such files are retained indefinitely). Such files may contain contact information, correspondence, decisions, assigned outcomes, reports, and other information pertaining to any case in which a student was found responsible. 

Students have a right to view a redacted copy their conduct files from previously completed cases, with any protected information about other students removed, during regular business hours in the OSCCR. For ongoing cases students are expected to review documentation concerning their incident within their conduct hearing. The OSCCR requires a minimum of two business days’ notice to prepare files for review. Students may request to review the following:

  • Check their conduct record. This includes a history of any instances in which the student was found responsible for a violation of the Community Standards.
  • View all conduct letters and messages. This includes allegation letters, decision letters, and automated reminder emails pertaining to assigned outcomes.
  • View all assigned outcomes. This includes a detailed description of the assigned outcome and a deadline by which the outcome needs to be completed.
  • View documentation associated with any previous conflict resolution services that the student has utilized.