Loyola University Chicago

Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies

Faculty Advisory Board

James Garbarino

Title/s:  Professor of Psychology; Maude C. Clarke Chair in Humanistic Psychology

Office #:  Coffey Hall 119

Phone: 773.508.3017

Email: jgarbar@luc.edu


Ph.D., Cornell University, 1973

Research Interests

My research focuses on issues in the social ecology of child and adolescent development. I have a long standing interest in a wide range of violence-related issues - war, child maltreatment, childhood aggression, and juvenile delinquency. In 1991 I undertook missions for UNICEF to assess the impact of the Gulf War upon children in Kuwait and Iraq, and have served as a consultant for programs serving Vietnamese, Bosnian and Croatian children. I also serve as a scientific expert witness in criminal and civil cases involving issues of trauma, violence, and children. In all these issues I am concerned with how developmental processes are shaped by the human ecology in which they occur, and have a particular interest in matters of spirituality and identity in this process. After completing a project on physical aggression in girls (resulting in a book entitled See Jane Hit: Why Girls Are Growing More Violent and What We Can Do About It), I am currently working on a project dealing with childhood in the face of the terrorist threat.

Selected Publications

Garbarino, J. and DeLara, E. (2002) And Words Can Hurt Forever: How to Protect Adolescents from Bullying, Harassment, and Emotional Violence (NY: Free Press, 2002

Garbarino, J. and Bedard, C. (2001) Parents Under Siege: Why You Are the Solution, Not the Problem, in Your Child's Life. NY: Free Press.

Garbarino, J. 1999) Lost Boys: Why Our Sons Turn Violent and How We Can Save Them. (NY: Free Press).

Garbarino, J. (1995) Raising Children in a Socially Toxic Environment (1995). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.