Loyola University Chicago

Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies

Past Speakers

Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies faculty played a significant role in hosting the following speakers.

Speakers receiving an honorary degree from Loyola University Chicago
Teddy Kolleck, former Mayor of Jerusalem. Honorary degree 1996 for his attempts to support both Arab and Jewish communities in Jerusalem.
Rev. Daniel Berrigan, S.J., poet, priest, and peace activist. Honorary degree presented March 2007 at the Peacemaking in an Age of Terror Conference.
His Holiness, The XIV Dalai Lama, head of government in exile and global peace leader. Honorary degree presented on April 26, 2012.

Videos of the Dalai Lama’s Visit
Sand mandala
A set of photos

Recent Speakers and Events supported by the Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies

Hassan El-Tayyab, director of Chicago Peace Action, “Understanding the War on Yemen,” November 13, 2018
Rev. John Pawlikoswki, Catholic Theological Union, “Christian Antisemitism: A Shadow Across the Cross,” March 13, 2018.
Prof. Michael Schuck, Loyola’s Theology Department and activist at Standing Rock, “The Inferno in Oil Country: The Significance of Standing Rock,” April 9, 2018.
Addison Brown, Loyola Sociology Student, “Remembering the Genocide in Rwanda,” March 14, 2019
Prof. Ben Penglase, Loyola’ Sociology Department, “Reshaping Rio de Janeiro: Olympic Legacies and Social Inequality in Brazil,” February 13, 2019.
Prof. Brian Lavelle, Classics Department, “Homer’s Iliad and the Subversion of the Heroic,” March 23, 2019