About the Program

The broad scope of peace is illustrated not only by Maya Angelou's poem "Amazing Peace: A Celebration," but also by Loyola's promise to prepare our students to lead extraordinary lives.  Peace Studies encompasses all five aspects of our promise that are outlined in our strategic plan.  Our commitment to excellence leads to "new ideas, better solutions and vital answers."  Scholars and religious leaders across the ages, ranging from Jesus to Buddha to Fox, Gandhi, and Thich Nhat Hanh, have taught (or tried to teach) lessons of peace, and we clearly need to apply these ideas to achieve vital answers.  Our commitment to service that promotes justice and to the pursuit of truth and care for others are necessary steps on the path to peace and a peaceful world.  Our commitment to values-based leadership and to global awareness reflect crucial components of work for peace.  Finally, our commitment to faith in God and the religious experience is inextricably linked to the centrality of peace to most, if not all, major religions.