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Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies

Faculty Advisory Board

Brian Lavelle

Title/s:  Professor of Classical Studies

Office #:  Crown Center 553

Phone: 773.508.3660

Email: blavell@luc.edu


Current Scholarly Projects:

  • Peisistratos' successors and the end of tyranny at Athens (book ms)
  • Peisistratan colonization and Athenian imperialism
  • Democracy, ancient and modern (book ms)

Personal Interests (not in order): Historical Fiction; topography and monuments of western Anatolia and the Aegean; any historical or ancient-themed movie (including dreadful ones like "Amazons and Gladiators"); biking; painting; roses; wind; family; Nancy Watkins


B.A., University of California San Diego
M.A., University of California Davis
Ph.D., University of British Columbia

Research Interests

Archaic Greece: Archilochos and the 7th cent. BCE, Greek History and Archaeology; Greek Tyranny and Athenian Democracy, Popular Consciousness and Communication; Myth and History

Selected Publications

"The Servant of Enyalios," in Paros II: Archilochos and his Age, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Archaeology of Paros and the Cyclades, D. Katsonopoulou, I. Petropoulos, S. Katsarou, eds. (Athens 2008).

"Egypt, Ionia, and the epikouroi," in Edmund P. Cueva, Shannon N. Byrne, and Frederick Joseph Benda, S. J., eds., Jesuit Education and the Classics (Cambridge Scholars 2009).

Review of J. H. Blok and A. P. H. M. Lardinois, Solon of Athens: New Historical and Philological Approaches (Leiden 2006) in Bryn Mawr Classical Review (2007.04.26).

Fame, Money and Power: the Rise of Peisistratos and 'Democratic' Tyranny at Athens (University of Michigan Press 2005).
Review of N. Luraghi, ed. The Craft of the Ancient Historian (Oxford, 2001), Classical Review 2003.

"The Apollodoran Date for Archilochus," Classical Philology 97 (2002) 344-51