Loyola University Chicago

Department of Philosophy

Graduate Financial Aid

Financial support for graduate work in philosophy is available in a number of forms.

Students entering the PhD program in philosophy are eligible (along with entering students in other PhD programs at Loyola) to be nominated for the Dean's Fellowship and for the Crown Fellowship. These fellowships provide a stipend and a full tuition award to their recipient, and are renewable for up to five years.

Graduate assistantships also are awarded competitively among PhD students in philosophy, which provide stipends and full tuition awards. These assistantships require up to 20 hours per week in teaching or research assistance to assigned members of the graduate faculty. They are available to entering students and are renewable for up to five years.

Students who have completed the Teaching Internship or who have otherwise acquired basic skills in teaching philosophy may have the opportunity to teach one or two sections of an introductory philosophy course in a given semester. Such opportunities typically arise as students complete their MA degree.

Finally, competition for Dissertation Fellowships is open to PhD students who have completed their course of study and are writing their doctoral dissertations. These Fellowships provide a stipend designed to enable their recipients to concentrate full time on the completion of their dissertations.

We also offer Advanced Doctoral Studies Fellowships and Teaching Fellowships.

Information and forms for fellowships can be found by going to http://www.luc.edu/gradschool/FundingGrad.Education.shtml.