Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business

Reward Strategies for Family Business and Private Corporations

Wednesday, Dec. 14
Panel Discussion: 3-5pm · Holiday Reception: 5-7pm
Schreiber Center · 16 E. Pearson, 9th Fl.
Cost: Free

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Family businesses and privately held companies increase freedom to innovate and operate with less complexity and pressure... or do they?   Family businesses and private corporations represent over 65% of the business in the United States. Yet, publicly owned companies receive considerably more attention than privately owned companies when it comes to the design and administration of reward programs. 

Join us December 14 as our expert panel examines reward strategies and challenges faced by family businesses, private corporations, and public corporations who are considering to ‘go private’. The panel will delve into how these types of programs can more effectively attract, retain, and motivate employees while at the same time create a competitive advantage by aligning the interests of employees and owners.

Panel discussion topics will include:

  • Best practices associated with equity and company ownership - for senior executives and levels below
  • Reward challenges posed by mergers and acquisitions
  • Integrating and repositioning rewards when transitioning from public to private ownership, or vice versa
  • Executive compensation, succession planning, and change of control situations
  • Balancing incentives and rewards between employees who are not family members or owners

Panel Members:  

Don Delves
Towers Watson

Andrew Keyt
Clinical Professor in Family Business, Family Business Center
Loyola University Chicago

Shawna Lecuyer
Vice President, Human Resources and Legal
Miniat Holding

Vicki Slomka
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
IDEAL Industries

Dow Scott, Ph.D. (Moderator)
Professor Human Resources and Employment Relations
Loyola University Chicago

Sponsored by:
Chicago Compensation Association
Loyola University Chicago's Institute of Human Resources and Employment Relations
Loyola University Chicago's Family Business Center