Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology

MA/PhD Job Placements

Our impressive alumni work in a variety of fields, effecting positive change in the world in numerous ways.




Breakdown of Graduate Placements* 
Research, Consulting and Management 47 
Tenure Track  23
Post-doc 4


Some of our recent graduates' job placements are:

Serhan Tanriverdi: Educational Services

Joseph Renwo: IIT in Chicago

Gwendolyn Purifoye: Notre Dame

Soulit Chako: Boise State University

Kyle Wooley: Holy Cross

Ashley Baber: Loyola Unversity Chicago


This list only illustrates a fraction of our alumni's job placements, which range from research at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to Health Sciences at Northwestern University. We are so incredibly proud of all our graduates have achieved!


*Placements are from 2012-2022