Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology

Sociology Faculty

Maria square 
Name: Maria Akchurin, PhD
Assistant Professor 
Specialty Area: 
Environmental sociology, political sociology, urban sociology, environmental justice, global and comparative sociology, sociology of knowledge
Office: Coffey 433
Phone: 773.508.3451
Savina square
Name: Savina Balasubramanian, PhD
Title: Assistant Professor
Specialty Area: Gender, Sexuality, and Reproduction; Science, Technology, Health, and Medicine; Political and Historical Sociology; Global and Transnational Sociology; Race and Ethnicity; Law and Society; Sociology of Social Knowledge; Asia and Asian America
Office: Coffey 431
Phone: 773.508.3467
Email: sbalasubramanian@luc.edu
Name: Emily Barman, PhD
Dean of The Graduate School & Vice Provost of Graduate Education
Specialty Area: 
Social Organization of Philanthropy; Altruism
Office: Granada Center, Room 442
Phone: 773.508.3396
  Name: Jason L. Cummings, PhD
Assistant Professor
Specialty Area
Medical Sociology; Health Disparities; Quality of Life; Gender, Race/Ethnicity; Racism; Whiteness; Social Stratification and Inequality; Critical Race Theory; Intersectionality; Quantitative Methods; Afro-Centric Research Methods
Coffey 432
Name: Judson G. Everitt, PhD
Title: Associate Professor
Undergraduate Program Director
Specialty Area: Sociology of Education; Social Psychology; Inhabited Institutionalism; Cultural Sociology; Youth, Aging, & the Life Course; Organizations, Occupations, & Work; Gender, Race, Class; Healthcare Professions & Public Health; Ethnography; Teaching & Learning.
Office: Coffey 427
Phone: 773.508.3427
Email: jeveritt@luc.edu
Name: Anne Figert, PhD
Title: Professor
Specialty Area:
Health, Medicine, Sociology of Science, Gender
Office: Coffey 423
Phone: 773.508.3431
Email: afigert@luc.edu
  Name: Dana Garbarski, PhD
Title: Associate Professor
Specialty Area: Social determinants of health and society; health across the life course; medical sociology; social stratification & inequality; social problems; quantitative methods; research methods; survey methodology; demography.
Office: Coffey 440
Phone: 773.508.3786
Email: dgarbarski@luc.edu
  Name: Fr. Patrick Gilger, SJ, PhD
Title: Assistant Professor
Specialty Area: Sociology of Religion; Secularism and the Secular; Social Theory; Practice Theory; Religion in the Public Sphere.
Office: Coffey 429
Phone: 773.508.3463
  Name: Teresa Gonzales, PhD
Title: Assistant Professor
Specialty Area: Urban Sociology, Racial and Gender Inequality (with a focus on Black and Latina/o/x populations); Civic Engagement; Economic Development; Playfulness, Leisure, & Joy
Office: Coffey 439
Phone: 773.508.3488
  Name: Minwoo Jung, PhD
Title: Assistant Professor
Specialty Area: Gender and Sexuality; Global and Transnational Sociology; Social Movements; Political Sociology; Economic Sociology; Urban Sociology; Qualitative Methods; East and Southeast Asia
Office: Coffey 412
Phone: 773.508.3742
Name: Marilyn Krogh, PhD
Title: Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director
Specialty Area: Urban Sociology, Poverty, Quantitative Methods.
Office: Coffey 428
Phone: 773.508.3471
Email: mkrogh@luc.edu
Name: Elise Martel Cohen, PhD     
Title: Lecturer
Specialty Area: Work and Occupations; Economic Sociology; Religion; Identity; Race, Ethnicity and Gender; Minorities in Turkey.
Office: Coffey 451
Phone: 773.508.3349
Email: emartel@luc.edu
  Name: Cristian L. Paredes, PhD
Associate Professor, Director of the Interdisciplinary Race and Ethnicity Program
Specialty Area:
Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Social Inequality, Latin America
Office: Coffey 430
rosenblatt photo  Name: Peter Rosenblatt, PhD
Title: Associate Professor, Department Chair
Specialty Area: Urban Sociology, Sociology of Education, Research Methods.
Office: Coffey 423
Phone: 773.508.3422
Email: prosenblatt@luc.edu
Elfreide 3 Name: Elfriede Wedam, PhD
Title:  Senior Lecturer, Research Associate-McNamara Center for the Social Study of Religion
Specialty Area: Sociology of Religion, Urban Sociology, Community, Sociology of Violence, Life Course Sociology.
Office: Coffey 436
Phone: 773.508.3669
Email: ewedam@luc.edu
 ‌M. Williams Name: Matthew Williams, PhD
Title: Lecturer
Specialty Area: Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Labor and Labor Movements, Political Economy and Political Sociology, Social Inequality, Sociology of Development, Sociology of Globalization/Transnationalism.
Office: Coffey 437
Phone: 773.508.3298
Email: mwilliams26@luc.edu