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Graduate Student Association (GSA)


The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a student organization set up to promote the personal, professional, and academic development of graduate sociology students. GSA also provides a forum for graduate sociology students to discuss their collective concerns.  In this capacity GSA functions to:

  • Act as a resource for student questions regarding student life and any issues that may arise during the course of the semester.
  • Serve as a liaison between faculty and students. In this capacity, GSA meets with the department chair twice during the semester. Additionally, a GSA representative attends faculty meetings to distribute meeting minutes to students.
  • Provide travel funds for students who travel to conferences.
  • Organize social events periodically throughout the semester to bring students together in a casual atmosphere of fun and camaraderie.


GSA meets once a month to discuss any questions, comments or concerns of the students. Meetings are open to any student who wishes to raise a question or bring an issue to the attention of GSA members. Meeting times for the fall 2014 are to be determined.

Travel Funds

GSA is proud to offer a limited amount of travel assistance for presenters and attendees of professional conferences. Both presenters and attendees need to submit a reimbursement form and receipts for conference registration. Additionally, presenters will need to submit a receipt for membership and a photocopy of your presentation(s) from the conference program.
Application for Reimbursement

Applicants are encouraged to apply to funds from the Graduate School.


GSA organizes a variety of casual and professional social events throughout the year. Typical events include an annual Fall Welcome Picnic, Town Hall Q&A with the department chair, holiday parties, brown bag lunches, post-colloquium ‘happy hours’ and celebratory end-of-the-semester dinners. If you have an idea for an event, please contact a GSA member.

The Judith Wittner Award for Best Paper in Ethnography

In 2015, the Loyola University Chicago Sociology Department hosted the Chicago Ethnography Conference and established the Judith Wittner Award for Best Paper in Ethnography in honor of Dr. Judith Wittner, who helped found the Chicago Ethnography Conference and has remained a tireless supporter of the conference and graduate student ethnographic work. This award is given each year to the paper selected by the host school as exemplifying excellence in ethnographic work by a graduate student presenter at the Chicago Ethnography Conference. The planning committee of each year’s host school is responsible for selecting the winning paper and contacting a representative of Loyola’s Graduate Student Association (GSA) prior to the conference to arrange conferral of the award (see below). For more information on the Chicago Ethnography Conference click here.


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Your 2018-2019 GSA representatives are:

Júlia Mendes

Monica Reyna

Ryan Wong