Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology

Graduate Student Association (GSA)


The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a student organization set up to promote the personal, professional, and academic development of graduate sociology students. GSA also provides a forum for graduate sociology students to discuss their collective concerns.  In this capacity GSA functions to:

  • Act as a resource for student questions regarding student life and any issues that may arise during the course of the semester.
  • Serve as a liaison between faculty and students. In this capacity, GSA meets with the department chair twice during the semester. Additionally, a GSA representative attends faculty meetings to distribute meeting minutes to students.
  • Provide travel funds for students who travel to conferences.
  • Organize social events periodically throughout the semester to bring students together in a casual atmosphere of fun and camaraderie.


GSA meets once a month to discuss any questions, comments or concerns of the students. Meetings are open to any student who wishes to raise a question or bring an issue to the attention of GSA members. For meeting times, please contact a GSA member.

Travel Funds

GSA is proud to offer a limited amount of travel assistance for presenters and attendees of professional conferences. Both presenters and attendees need to submit a reimbursement form and receipts for conference registration. Additionally, presenters will need to submit a receipt for membership and a photocopy of your presentation(s) from the conference program.
Application for Reimbursement

Applicants are encouraged to apply to funds from the Graduate School.


GSA organizes a variety of casual and professional social events throughout the year. Typical events include an annual Fall Welcome Picnic, Town Hall Q&A with the department chair, holiday parties, brown bag lunches, post-colloquium ‘happy hours’ and celebratory end-of-the-semester dinners. If you have an idea for an event, please contact a GSA member.


Join our Facebook group to keep abreast of the latest social and professional news of your fellow students.

Contact Us

Your 2022-2023 GSA representatives are:

Julie Szamocki

  • Serves as the GSAC (Graduate Student Advisory Council) Sociology representative
  • Responsible for mass emails to students (including faculty meeting minutes)
  • Responsible for social events

Tori Olson

  • Attends faculty meetings and takes minutes relevant to graduate students
  • Responsible for emails to admin and faculty
  • Responsible for academic events (townhall, symposium, etc.)

Bao-Tran Nguyen

  • Responsible for the newsletter
  • Responsible for social media (1-2 interactive posts a week and event promotion posts)
  • Responsible for executive meeting minutes
  • Responsible for budget
  • Responsible for representing MA student interests