Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology

Dr. Marilyn C. Krogh

Associate Professor

Email: mkrogh@luc.edu


Dr. Marilyn Krogh earned a PhD in sociology from the University of Chicago in 1995, and has been on the faculty of Loyola University Chicago since then. Her primary research interests are inequality in labor markets and urban sociology, and her secondary interests are in religion and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Dr. Krogh teaches part of the required sequence of courses for the undergraduate major in sociology, (research methods, statistics and the senior seminar), as well as introduction to sociology, urban sociology, and poverty and social welfare. At the graduate level, she teaches urban sociology, as well as leads a seminar on teaching.

Dr. Krogh is also the Director of the interdisciplinary Urban Studies program at Loyola.  The program in Urban Studies, open to undergraduates of all majors, now offers not only the Urban Semester and related courses, but also an 18 credit hour interdisciplinary minor.  During the six-credit hour Urban Semester at Loyola's Center for Urban Research and Learning (CURL), participants join teams of faculty, graduate students and community leaders to look closely at Chicago neighborhoods and urban policies. They address current issues from a community's perspective with a goal of promoting positive social change. Interested?  Contact Dr. Krogh for more information.

Research Interests

During her graduate work at the University of Chicago, Dr. Krogh was a member of the Urban Poverty and Family Structure Study, led by William J. Wilson. As a member of that study, she did fieldwork in the Humbolt Park neighborhood of Chicago, and helped design and analyze the Urban Family Life Survey. She has written two articles based on that survey, one titled, "Why Work Disappears Faster for Black Men in the Inner City," and the other titled, "Hispanic Men in an Inner-City Labor Market: Segments, Networks and Deindustrialization."

Dr. Krogh has collaborated with Dr. Christine George, Senior Research Fellow at CURL (Center for Urban Research and Learning) on an evaluation of STRIVE (Support and Training Results in Valuable Employees), a non-profit job training and placement program here in Chicago. Dr. Krogh has also collaborated with a former student, Brooke Ashley Pillifant, to write two articles about a new religious movement called Kemetic Orthodoxy. Her article, "A Skill, Process and Person-Oriented Graduate Seminar on Teaching" has been published in Teaching Sociology.

Selected Publications

Opportunities for Students

Dr. Krogh welcomes students who would like conversation or personal assistance with their research projects. She regularly assists undergraduates who write honors papers in the senior seminar course, and she has advised several who have gone on to win the Mulcahy Fellowship at Loyola. Dr. Krogh also serves on the thesis committees for graduate students who are pursuing projects that range from the politics of steel cities, to mothering in Cuba, to Christian teaching on personal finance. And, for graduate students who are new instructors, she is happy to provide resources and support. Please feel free to contact her at mkrogh@luc.edu.