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Dr. Lauren Langman


Lauren Langman
Professor Ph.D.
University of Chicago, 1969
University of Illinois, 1961

Coffey Hall 429



Lauren Langman received his PhD in Human Development from the University of Chicago. Although he had planned a career in psychology, as a result of participation in civil rights and anti war movements, his interest shifted to sociology as a way of understanding how social conflict was based on group membership and interests rather than individual personality. As a result, his work as a sociologist has always had an interdisciplinary focus largely concerned with the relations of the historically instantiated social structure and culture to the individual.

Current Research

Dr. Langman is primarily a social theorist writing in the tradition of the Frankfurt School-especially their early concerns with character and culture, which currently inform questions of identity and hegemony in a global age. His theoretical writing examines the nature of self, subjectivity and modernity dealing with questions such as agency, or its lack, as alienation. His substantive research interests concern the dialects of political economy, culture and identity in such varied forms as Islamic fundamentalism, alternative globalization movements and the carnivalization of culture. Dr. Langman has widely published in these areas and has a forthcoming book on the Carnivalization of America. He is President of RC 36, Alienation Research and Theory of International Sociological Association; he is on the editorial boards of Social Theory, Current Perspectives in Social Theory, and Critical Sociology.

Selected Publications (2002-2005)

Recent Presentations (2002-2004)

Conferences: Sessions Organized (2002-2004)

Courses Taught (2003/2004)

Sociological Perspectives: Intro (SOCL 101)
Sociological Thought (SOCL 205)
The Sociology of Consumption (SOCL 275)
History of Sociological Theory (SOCL 370)

Sociological Perspectives II (SOCL 404)
History of Sociological Theory (SOCL 405)